Sales Education & Training

Key Account Management

The management skills, practices and processes that lead to better customer relationships and higher

This program will introduce participants to the global best practices in Account Management ProcessParticipants will learn the advanced skills and methods that high performance sales leaders, within large, successful multinational companies, are using to keep and grow their most strategic accounts. It will establish a common language and approach to more effectively manage accounts and grow relationships and revenues


Building and sustaining long‐term mutually rewarding channel partnerships

Most business markets today are being served and dominated by some form of distribution channel with many competing distribution organizations. Knowledge of the inner workings and business drivers of these organizations is a must to ultimately establish mutually rewarding partnerships. This program, based on many years of channel experiences, enables participants to obtain important and relevant knowledge that will be required to successfully engage with, manage and optimize channel partnerships.


If you are looking to develop your sales team, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements. At Hunin, we believe that ongoing training is a critical success factor in achieving consistent sales success.

Why Hunin? The objective of our sales trainers is to educate and motivate your sales teams. We encourage an interactive classroom program which includes detailed role play and exercises, allowing participants to acquire and practice new skills.

We provide tailored and standard courses:
Sales Management / Coaching
Negotiation Skills
Consultative Selling Techniques
Telemarketing / Telesales
Prospecting and Lead Generation