Hunin Asian Assist (HAA)

Hunin Asian Assist offers American and European software/business applications/industrial companies who wish to enter the dynamic and lucrative Asian market access to specialized recruitment, consultancy and advisory services. From an extensive Asian database, HAA offers experienced, non-bureaucratic, results based expatriate personnel (sales, management and technical) who are currently employed or have extensive experience in the region. This mitigates concerns about relocation and associated expenses and ensures that recruited personnel are established, have local knowledge and contacts and have proven themselves in this environment. Whether companies require an individual or a team; whether they are building a new operation in Asia or wish to supplement an existing one, Hunin Asian Assist provides a complete, professional and confidential service.

As an alternative to employees, contractors and consultants often represent a low risk, low cost resource for companies wishing to establish operations here.  They engender no traditional payroll costs and can be engaged on a full or part-time basis.

Hunin Executive Recruitment provides executive search and international executive recruitment capabilities.

We focus on mid and executive management level talent in the software/business applications industry. We have a solid reputation for providing senior executives, both to companies in Southeast Asia and to those planning on expansion in this region. (We have a number of individuals in our database who have considerable experience setting up regional operations from scratch.) Our clients know that when they retain Hunin Solutions to locate a specific skill set or individual, the recruiter leading the search will have spent many years working in the relevant industry.

With over twenty years experience in SE Asia, our extensive database of expatriate and local talent working in the software industry enables us to find those ideal candidates very quickly. Our experience and contacts allow us to approach even those individuals currently employed by your competitors with professionalism and discretion.

Hunin Contractor Services

Contractors in Thailand face an enormous bureaucracy, a lot of paperwork and many hours to file a tax return. An alternative is a Thai umbrella company which acts as a virtual employer but allows you the freedom of a contractor. The contractor simply submits their timesheets to Hunin’s HR department and we calculate and pay their taxes as they earn and then give them a net wage (as well as documentation for your records). We are experts in Thailand taxation, and we ensure that you keep the largest proportion of your earnings whilst complying with local laws. We can deal with any issues with the Thai tax office or tax department directly including processing your tax refund if you are eligible.

Hunin’s qualified and experienced staff will ensure tax and work permit compliance but also ensure that you retain the highest possible net return on your gross billing as is legally possible. Our services in Thailand include:

Tax, Payroll and Employment Solutions for Contractors
Sponsored Work Permits and Business Visas for Contract / Freelance Workers
Salary Packaging
Immigration Lawyers
Expatriate Tax specialists