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Company Profile

Hunin Solutions was established in 1990 by a group of American and British expatriates with extensive technology, management and regional experience in Asia.

With over twenty-five years’ experience in Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Hunin Solutions offers analytical, logistical and strategic support and innovative solutions for companies who wish to enter or expand and develop their Asia-Pacific businesses.

Hunin provides executive solutions (recruitment of employees, the engagement of contractors and the engagement of consultants) and a full range of start-up services ranging from product fit analysis, channel analysis and management, strategic/key account management and company setup to legal advice and visa / work permit processing.

With a fast-growing market and increasingly sophisticated consumer demands in Asia, American and European companies compete among themselves and with domestic enterprises in a complex, emerging region. These companies can prosper but they face real challenges for which they need to be prepared as they consider conducting short and long-term business in Asia.

Using our experience and an extensive database of qualified personnel, we can steer companies away from common mistakes and pitfalls, source appropriate and cost-effective staff to drive their local operations and assist them in achieving early returns on their Asian investment.

Andrew Waterfield, CEO – Hunin Solutions

“Hunin were instrumental in building our Asia Pacific Business”

Steve Mueller, CEO Golden Solutions.